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Welcome to part II of s/pores issue 2. The technology available allows us to update s/pores on a regular basis. Just as we were about to upload issue 2, I met up with Robert Yeo and he told s/pores about an interview with Wang Gungwu he conducted in the mid 1980s which was never published. (more…)


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Robert Yeo

Wang: I might start at the beginning. I’m not one of those schoolboy poets who wrote and published while still at school. When we arrived the very first month of the foundation of the University of Malaya in October 1949. it was a very exciting time for all of us. There was a sense of being at the start of a new moment in educational history. (more…)

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Wang Gungwu

Text of the public lecture given on 8 July 2007 in conjunction with the official opening of the National University of Singapore Bukit Timah Campus.

A new University of Malaya was founded in 1949 in the shadow of the Malayan emergency and the communist victory in China. For the next decade, there was for many the shadow of a “third China”. For others, they worked hard for the failed Malaya/Malaysia project. Only those who wished for a separate Singapore got what they wanted. (more…)

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Loh Kah Seng

National Archives of Singapore. Memories & Reflections: The Singapore Experience: Documenting a Nation’s History Through Oral History. 2nd edition. Singapore: Oral History Centre, 2007. vii, 194 pp.

The collection of social memories, in a forward-looking nation-state where the vast majority of households are nuclear families without grandparents living with them, is particularly important to ensure that the experiences of elderly Singaporeans are passed down to the younger generations. (more…)

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