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Lim Cheng Tju

Shaun Sankaran used to be known as Mindfuckingboy. But he doesn’t go by that moniker anymore. He is a reformed man these days. No more hardcore drinking, no more extreme noise that assault your senses. (just listen to MFB II, the 2009 CD he released – even my cats get disturbed)

Released online in June, Dream State Vision is Shaun dreaming ahead of the PM of what the state should be. Singapore Conversations?Dream State Vision is the perfect soundtrack for that. At 2 hour 17 minute and 21 seconds, it is ambient music to filter out the buzz. (more…)


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X’ Ho

Leslie Low, formerly of Twang Bar Kings and more famously Humpback Oak, is a paragon of tender introspection and a natural troubadour of the finest caliber. As he challenges himself moving into fresher territories with each new music project, he proves to us that his is a voice so pure in intent and emotion, it never fails to ring true. Put plainly, there’s not a false note in his entire body of work and he’s been making music for some three decades now. (more…)

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